Tips on Shooting a Bow from a Tree Stand

A lot of hunters find that they shoot low when in a tree stand. It’s a natural reaction considering the elevation compared to letting fly in a straight line when on the ground. Using the Rifleman’s Rule will allow you to accurately hit your target when aiming from and elevated or decline position. If you are above the target, your body is going to have to bend in order to shoot from a higher position than your target. That’s the very reason to use a tree stand. The higher ground will give you a distinct advantage.  Get a good climbing tree stand by looking at the ratings on stand review site because these will give you an idea of some good ones that fit every hunting style.

Tips for Hunting from a Stand

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. If you have the opportunity, set up your stand in a place where you can line up a variety of shots. The more you get used to the stand, the more comfortable you’ll be when it’s time to stand and fire. Hitting a deer is nothing like shooting a stationary target, but if you get to the point where getting in position is a reaction you don’t have to think about, then all of your attention can go to putting an arrow into a whitetail or other game. One item that I always have with me in my hunting stand is a good shooting stick that can help me to get the best shot possible when only a perfect shot will work.

A number of hunters recommend drawing to the horizon first. Once you’re in that normal stance, then bend at the waist and line up the shot. If you draw directly on the target like you would on the ground, you’re going to miss or worse, you’ve wounded the deer and now it’s racing off bleeding and possibly with your arrow in it. If that happens, unless it drops quickly, catching up will be impossible. You have to take your eyes off it in order to get out of the stand and by the time you’re in pursuit, it’s been a minute of more before you even take the first step.

Using a device to hold you up

The alternative is to try and use your safety harness to lean into position. That never works, just ask any hunter who has tried it. The harness can slip up or down your body or cut into your waist and torso when you’re trying to line up a shot and don’t need the additional distraction. Leaning out like that also makes you tense up your legs and abdomen at the very moment you have to focus on the shot.

Hunting from a stand makes for a great day and provides advantages over hunting on the ground. All you need to do to make it a successful day is learn a slightly different shooting method to compensate for the height. Good luck!

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