Tips on Freezing Baby Food for Long Lasting Freshness

Making your own baby food is a great way to save money and allows parents more control over what their baby is ingesting. Most every parent today can agree that saving money these days is certainly a good idea, but being able to feed their babies foods with greater nutritional value and without additives and preservatives is even greater. Learning more about baby food processors and freezing baby food can help you always have the best baby food available for your little one.

Baby Food Recipe Book

The Best Reason To Choose A Baby Food Processor

Parents using old fashioned, traditional methods of boiling and mashing foods for their baby may not realize the loss of nutrients that takes place during boiling. The same is also true about traditional food steaming as well. However, when using a baby food processor, you can relax knowing the nutrients taken out while steaming are put directly back into the pureed foods. For many parents using baby food makers, this is the greatest and most important benefit of using one.

Plastic Containers And Freezer Bags

Specially designed containers are available for freezing pureed baby food you make at home using a processor. Avoid placing the baby food you make into containers that leave a lot of room for air due to the higher risk of freezer burn. The same is also true for freezer bags. Freezing an entire bag of pureed food is not a good idea because you cannot refreeze any portions that are left over. Always use tiny plastic containers and be sure to fill them up completely to avoid air being trapped inside.

Dates Are Important To Remember

Technically, foods can remain frozen indefinitely, as long as freezer burn does not occur and the freezer remains on all the time. However, babies have sensitive systems, so making sure to only use foods frozen for three months or less is best for being certain your little one is eating fresh food sources. You can purchase freezer labels for writing the dates you put foods into the freezer. Keep a regular schedule for checking food dates, discarding any that have been in the freezer for more than three months.

Some Food Choices To Always Avoiding Freezing In Baby Food

When making choices for the foods you plan to use for making fresh baby food, remember to only choose the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats. Some foods you should avoid, fresh or not, due to allergies and other health concerns. To be on the safe side, write these down to never use in your homemade baby food:

  • Foods that have canned at home can be dangerous to a baby’s delicate, sensitive system, especially if foods were not canned in the most sanitary conditions.
  • Canned food bought at the grocer contains additives and preservatives and does off the kind of freshness you need for your baby.
  • Dairy products, especially those made with raw, unpasteurized milk due to the increased risk of bacterial contamination.

The day you plan to make baby food should be one you set out early on to the market. Purchase the foods you plan to make into baby food and do so in one day for ensuring the batches you put into the freezer are all close in expiration dates. Freezing baby food can help you save time and money while also allowing you to always know what is going into your baby.

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