Taking A Closer Look At The Various Types Of Compost Bins For Sale

Composting is an excellent way to create nutrient rich soil and fertilizer while also getting rid of waste from your home and yard as well. Learning more about how to compost while considering your particular home environment is important and is a huge determining factor in the types of compost bins best for your needs. Some of the best compost tumblers are sold online and can be bought at a good price with free shipping right to your door.

Starting Your First Compost Mix In An Affordable Fashion

For many beginners thinking about composting, choosing one most affordable is a good way to get started. The basic bin is a popular choice for beginners because of its simple design and easy to use assembly. A basic bin includes a simple look that does not stand out, most of them resembling a trash receptor. In this kind of bin, you generally get a locking, sealed door and a door on the bottom half for making it easier to empty finished compost. Basic bins are usually less expensive than some other bins that offer more features, costing around 100 dollars.

The Benefits Of Tumbler Bins

For those people that have a small area for composting or they do not have a great deal of plants or gardens to use their finished compost for, the tumbler bin is the perfect option. One of the best sellers on Amazon is the Joraform JK-125 composter, a rotating bin that provides a good price with excellent craftsmanship. Most tumbler bins fit nicely on an outdoor patio or porch and come with features like air vents to help keep down odors and easy dumping options. One great aspect of tumbler bins is being able to turn them for efficiently ‘stirring’ a mix while it is fermenting or ‘cooking’, a bonus for making sure your finished compost comes out crumbly and easy to work with. Tumbler bins also come with legs that help to make it look more like a patio grill than a compost bin.

Apartment Dwellers Can Compost

For many people living in apartments, the thought of being able to compost for getting rich fertilizer for their patio plants and gardens may seem impossible. However, with a kitchen counter top bin, this is a composting concept that is easy and affordable. In some apartment building, throwing out scraps in the trash is not allowed, so composting right in the kitchen is the best way to get of food scraps while also obeying the rules of your building as well. You can choose from plastic or stainless steel kitchen compost bins, most of them costing less than around 30 dollars.

Hot Automatic Composting Bins

If you do not mind spending a little more for your composting bin and you are low on spare time, you might consider an automatic compost bin. This type of bin is also great for people living in apartments or areas that make it hard to maintain an outdoor bin. Most automatic bins fit under a cabinet or counter and run on electricity. The greatest benefit of this bin is you can also put meat and fish scraps into it without worry, a benefit you do not get with any other types of bins. An automatic compost bin works by using high heat to speed up the fermenting process, providing you with the perfect finished mix in about two weeks. Some automatic bins are able to take up to five pounds of food scraps every day, a definite bonus for large families. This kind of bin costs usually between 350 and 400 dollars and is well worth the investment.

Worms And Compost Bins

The more experienced gardener might consider the bin that is also the home to worms that eat organic matter, their droppings (called castings) being even richer in nutrients than the matter they eat. Taking care of this type of bin can be more time consuming, but for someone that has the time, the effort is well worth it. Bear in mind the worms used for composting are not the earthworms you find in your yard, but are usually Sierra worms. You can order them from the place you purchase worm peat moss for your composting bin. Worm bins usually cost between 80 and 100 dollars, depending on the size you choose.

Making The Right Choices For Additional Composting Supplies

When looking at the various types of compost bins, you might also have a look at the supplies you will need to get a good start. For most bins, using a starter mix is best to get your mix ‘cooking’. This is an especially good idea for the person just starting their first ever round of compost mix. In most cases, both on and offline, you can find everything you need for starting your compost at the same place you purchase a compost bin.

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