How to Repair a Bounce House

It is summer time, and that means it is time to inflate your children’s bounce house. Before your start to inflate the inflatable bouncer, you need to inspect it. Look for holes or any weak areas that need reinforcing. There are several ways you can repair a bounce house. You can send it to a repair shop, but that can be expensive and take weeks to repair.  If you are in the business of renting inflatables, you will lose money from sending it off, because you cannot rent it out. If you have bought a good bouncy castle for an upcoming party based on small inflatable bouncer ratings, you do not want to run the risk of it having or getting a hole. This will have your kids upset before the big birthday party!

I recommend trying the Do-it-yourself approach. It is simple and inexpensive. Here is how to repair a bounce house with little money.

How to repair a Moonwalk with The Peel and Stick Approach

You can buy a vinyl repair kit that is a simple and easy way to repair a bounce house. It only takes 3 simple steps to have your bounce house ready for inflation.

1. Clean the surface.

Clean the area where you are going to place the patch.

2. Cut the patch.

Cut it to the size of the tear or hole. You can use any pair of scissors to cut it. The patch is made from tough material that is made to resist tearing and punctures.

3. Apply the patch

The patch has aggressive adhesive that bonds it to the vinyl bounce house. The patch resists oils and do not turn gummy when it is in the sunlight. It is transparent so you do not have to match it to the color of the bounce house. It will also not pull off when the inflatable is stretched. If you have a waterslide, you can use the patch for that as well. It is waterproof.

The patches come in 5ftx6inch rolls. In the package, you will get 10 alcohol cleaning pads to complete step number one.  You can order this patch at Vinyl Repair.

How to repair a bounce house with everyday materials

If you have a bounce house with visible cross-weaving, you can repair your bounce house with items found around your home.  All you need is rubbing alcohol, a strong needle, and heavy thread. This method will have your bounce house ready in no time.

  1. The bounce house should be inflated so that the damaged area remains smooth. Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Let it dry before moving on to step 2.
  2. Now, use the heavy thread and strong needle.  You can sew the tear back together again. Do not use this method if the bounce house is smooth. It will cause more damage. This is only for inflatables with visible cross-weaving.

Either method will have your bounce house ready for use in minutes. If you do not have time to wait for a vinyl repair kit to come to be shipped your home, you can make one yourself by going to your local pool supply place and buy a wet/dry vinyl repair kit. However, most companies include a repair kit in the box when you buy a bounce house.

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