Finding Out How To Have A Small Baby At Birth

Many pregnant women have things that stress them out. From whether you have all the essential items such as a safe and up to date car seat, or having a handy bag to store baby items, many moms to be can get stressed quick. One such worry is the pain of having a baby, especially if they are pregnant with their first child. Many women have heard rumors their entire lives surrounding pregnancy and how to have a small baby at birth for helping to avoid the severe pain of natural childbirth. Some pregnant women want to have a small baby to avoid the need for caesarean section delivery. Learn more about the healthy reasons to maintain your weight and the weight of your unborn child.

Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean delivery (c-section) may be the best option for delivery for many reasons. The most important thing to keep in mind about this type of birth is most doctors do so to prevent harm to the unborn child and mother.  If the mother is experiencing medical issues, a c-section may be done to prevent problems like hemorrhaging during vaginal delivery. If an unborn baby is experiencing distress during a vaginal delivery, a c-section is generally done to prevent harm to the baby and, in some cases, the mother as well. One reason many mothers consider a smaller baby is due to a condition called cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD). CPD is when a baby’s head or body is too large to go through the mother’s pelvic area. CPD is one of the reasons you may require a c-section for the delivery of your baby.

Looking At Obesity Rates In Children

Some medical professionals feel that bigger babies, as in ten pounds or more, are more likely to experience higher rates of obesity during later childhood years. The greatest issue with larger babies during a vaginal birth is CPD and in some cases, when a baby is stuck in the birth canal during delivery, loss of oxygen can occur, causing brain functioning issues. Another reason many health care professionals worry about the incident of large newborns is the rate of these babies having organs that are too small or greatly enlarged. Larger babies have been found to have increased chances of developing Type II diabetes later in life as well as being more likely to become obese during childhood and into adulthood.

Why A Baby May Be Small

In some families, babies are born small due to genetic factoring. However, in many other cases, babies are born small due to being premature or because of medical problems experienced by the mother. For example, if you have problems with high blood pressure during pregnancy, your baby could be born underweight due to a low level blood supply through the placenta during pregnancy. Some babies are born small due to an inherited medical problem as well.

If you worry about your unborn child being too large, knowing how to have a small baby can be important to consider. However, your best bet during pregnancy is to eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and rest, and make sure to avoid bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. If you maintain a healthy weight, acceptable weight while pregnant, chances are your baby will be born a normal weight, one that is not too much or too little.

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