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Stretching Exercises to reduce back fat and increase flexibility

Planking is one of the best exercises to build core strength and work out the entire body.

You often hear “less is more,” but rarely do you expect to hear this in regards to exercise.

In terms of building back strength and flexibility, this adage definitely applies. Stretches do not always have to go so far that they hurt to be effective. In fact, slow and subtle movements are a more useful way to free your back from pain and develop core strength.

The lower back pain that many people suffer from often comes from not having enough core and spinal strength. Muscles become overused and tight from bad postural alignment and a sedentary lifestyle, leading to neck and shoulder pain, fatigue and headaches.

However, everyone has the right to a healthy and pain-free back! It can even help to tighten abs and reduce back fat by increasing metabolism.

Here are some of the best methods for building better postural alignment, flexibility and strength.

Knee tilts

One simple stretch is done lying on the floor or yoga mat with the knees bent and soles of the feet touching the ground. Let your knees tilt slightly to the left, then bring them slowly to center again and let them tilt slightly to the right. Inhale as you tilt your knees to the side and then exhale when you bring them back to the middle. Repeat this movement many times. Balanced, quality movement is key. You should not strive to feel a stretch – rather, keep the knees titling just a few inches to either side, and make each movement smooth and continuous.

Pelvic tilts

Lie on your back with your knees bent and soles of the feet touching the floor again, hip width apart. Begin by trying to flatten your lower back into the floor a bit. If you now roll on the sacrum by rolling on the back of your pelvis slightly, your back will come closer to the floor and your stomach muscles will contract a bit. Then tilt your pelvis towards the heels so that your lower back lifts off of the floor slightly. Return to neutral and repeat. It should feel like a slow rocking motion as you tilt your pelvis back and forth. Don’t go to extremes.

Chest stretch for strengthening the mid-upper back

Our shoulders often round forward unnaturally from sitting at the computer or from bad posture, causing our neck, spine and back to move out of alignment. While holding a towel stretched between your hands, stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Keeping your arms at the same height as your shoulders, reach them forward. Continue by pulling the arms up over your head and then back with a smooth, continuous movement while exhaling. You should feel a stretch in your pectoral muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return your arms back to neutral. Repeat.

Abdominal strengthening

Strong abdominal muscles also protect and strengthen your back. A favorite exercise for strengthening many of your core muscles simultaneously is plank. Begin in push-up position with straight arms. Your elbows should be directly under your shoulders, and wrists in line with your elbows. Now push your body into the upper back, keeping your chin tucked as if carrying an egg. Your body should be off the ground in a single straight line. While holding this position for about 20 seconds, contract your abdominal, gluteal and thigh muscles and continue to breathe. Then rest and repeat.

Lower back bottom to heels stretch

Kneel on all fours on the ground with your hands directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips. Avoid arching your back but maintain the natural curve in your spine. While taking a deep breath, gently move your bottom towards your heels. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat.

Simple seated stretch

Perfect for everyone sitting at a desk – you don’t even need to leave your seat. While sitting upright, cross your right leg over your left, and slowly turn your torso in the opposite direction. Then return to neutral and repeat the movement with the other leg.

Back extensions

Begin by lying on your stomach. Raise your upper torso up on your elbows, while lengthening your spine and keeping your neck straight and shoulders back. The pelvic area and legs remain on the ground as you continue pressing your hands into the ground. Allow your spine to arch backwards and feel a slight stretch in the stomach. Hold for 5-10 seconds while breathing. Return to the starting position and repeat.

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A lot of hunters find that they shoot low when in a tree stand. It’s a natural reaction considering the elevation compared to letting fly in a straight line when on the ground. Using the Rifleman’s Rule will allow you to accurately hit your target when aiming from and elevated or decline position. If you are above the target, your body is going to have to bend in order to shoot from a higher position than your target. That’s the very reason to use a tree stand. The higher ground will give you a distinct advantage.  Get a good climbing tree stand by looking at the ratings on stand review site because these will give you an idea of some good ones that fit every hunting style.

Tips for Hunting from a Stand

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. If you have the opportunity, set up your stand in a place where you can line up a variety of shots. The more you get used to the stand, the more comfortable you’ll be when it’s time to stand and fire. Hitting a deer is nothing like shooting a stationary target, but if you get to the point where getting in position is a reaction you don’t have to think about, then all of your attention can go to putting an arrow into a whitetail or other game. One item that I always have with me in my hunting stand is a good shooting stick that can help me to get the best shot possible when only a perfect shot will work.

A number of hunters recommend drawing to the horizon first. Once you’re in that normal stance, then bend at the waist and line up the shot. If you draw directly on the target like you would on the ground, you’re going to miss or worse, you’ve wounded the deer and now it’s racing off bleeding and possibly with your arrow in it. If that happens, unless it drops quickly, catching up will be impossible. You have to take your eyes off it in order to get out of the stand and by the time you’re in pursuit, it’s been a minute of more before you even take the first step.

Using a device to hold you up

The alternative is to try and use your safety harness to lean into position. That never works, just ask any hunter who has tried it. The harness can slip up or down your body or cut into your waist and torso when you’re trying to line up a shot and don’t need the additional distraction. Leaning out like that also makes you tense up your legs and abdomen at the very moment you have to focus on the shot.

Hunting from a stand makes for a great day and provides advantages over hunting on the ground. All you need to do to make it a successful day is learn a slightly different shooting method to compensate for the height. Good luck!

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In most cases of diaper rash, the cause is generally due to a simple compromise in the dermal structure. Most diaper rashes are considered as dermatitis outbreaks and are usually easy to treat by using one of the best diaper rash creams such as Burt’s Baby Bee Ointment. However, in more serious cases of diaper rash, an infection could be the root cause, one being a fungus called candida albicans, more commonly referred to as yeast. Learning more about the symptoms of a diaper rash caused by this fungus and about the best yeast diaper rash treatment is important.

Yeast Infection Diaper Rash TreatmentCauses Of Yeast Infection in Babies

Yeast fungus thrives in warm, moist and dark areas. The inside of baby’s diaper is the perfect environment for yeast to grow and thrive. Some babies may develop yeast infection due to an imbalance of the bacterium flora in the gastrointestinal tract where yeast is found naturally. Babies can also get a yeast infection from their parents or babysitter as well. Some antibiotics increase the risk of yeast infection as well, especially amoxicillin.

One aspect of a yeast infection to consider in babies is called thrush. Thrush is a condition describing the outbreak of yeast in the mouth. Parents should never panic about this type of infection because it is easily treatable and a common occurrence due to babies putting their hands and fingers in their mouth. Thrush shows up as tiny white bumps on the tongue and inside the lips and cheeks areas inside the mouth.

Symptoms Of Yeast Diaper Rash

Yeast infection generally shows up in the creases of the skin folds. You may notice a deep reddening rash around the anus accompanied by small pus filled pustules raised off the skin. Bear in mind that pus filled pustules in diaper rash usually only occur because of a yeast infection, so if you see these kinds of symptoms, seeing your pediatrician is important for getting appropriate treatment. The occurrence of yeast can happen not only on the genitals, but also in the creases surrounding the genitals, the thighs and on the abdomen as well.

Taking A Look At Treatments For Yeast Infection In Babies

The traditional course of treatment for yeast infection is the topical application of anti-fungal creams. Some anti-fungal creams are available over the counter and may be a medication recommended by your pediatrician. However, in more severe infections, your pediatrician may prescribe a stronger, more effective anti-fungal medication. One thing to remember when your baby is suffering from a diaper rash caused by yeast is to keep the area as dry as possible during treatment.

A Word About Cloth Diapers And Yeast Infections

Studies have shown that the occurrence of yeast infection diaper rashes is lower in babies that wear disposable diapers due to the wicking benefits they provide. Cloth diapers do not keep moisture away from baby’s skin and during yeast infection, avoiding moisture is imperative for successful treatment. If you prefer using cloth diapers, you might think about using disposable diapers if your baby is suffering from chronic diaper rash caused by yeast. Allowing your baby to go without a diaper can be helpful, but is not always possible, so the choice of a premium brand disposable diaper may be best to help keep down the need for yeast diaper rash treatment.

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Making your own baby food is a great way to save money and allows parents more control over what their baby is ingesting. Most every parent today can agree that saving money these days is certainly a good idea, but being able to feed their babies foods with greater nutritional value and without additives and preservatives is even greater. Learning more about baby food processors and freezing baby food can help you always have the best baby food available for your little one.

Baby Food Recipe Book

The Best Reason To Choose A Baby Food Processor

Parents using old fashioned, traditional methods of boiling and mashing foods for their baby may not realize the loss of nutrients that takes place during boiling. The same is also true about traditional food steaming as well. However, when using a baby food processor, you can relax knowing the nutrients taken out while steaming are put directly back into the pureed foods. For many parents using baby food makers, this is the greatest and most important benefit of using one.

Plastic Containers And Freezer Bags

Specially designed containers are available for freezing pureed baby food you make at home using a processor. Avoid placing the baby food you make into containers that leave a lot of room for air due to the higher risk of freezer burn. The same is also true for freezer bags. Freezing an entire bag of pureed food is not a good idea because you cannot refreeze any portions that are left over. Always use tiny plastic containers and be sure to fill them up completely to avoid air being trapped inside.

Dates Are Important To Remember

Technically, foods can remain frozen indefinitely, as long as freezer burn does not occur and the freezer remains on all the time. However, babies have sensitive systems, so making sure to only use foods frozen for three months or less is best for being certain your little one is eating fresh food sources. You can purchase freezer labels for writing the dates you put foods into the freezer. Keep a regular schedule for checking food dates, discarding any that have been in the freezer for more than three months.

Some Food Choices To Always Avoiding Freezing In Baby Food

When making choices for the foods you plan to use for making fresh baby food, remember to only choose the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats. Some foods you should avoid, fresh or not, due to allergies and other health concerns. To be on the safe side, write these down to never use in your homemade baby food:

  • Foods that have canned at home can be dangerous to a baby’s delicate, sensitive system, especially if foods were not canned in the most sanitary conditions.
  • Canned food bought at the grocer contains additives and preservatives and does off the kind of freshness you need for your baby.
  • Dairy products, especially those made with raw, unpasteurized milk due to the increased risk of bacterial contamination.

The day you plan to make baby food should be one you set out early on to the market. Purchase the foods you plan to make into baby food and do so in one day for ensuring the batches you put into the freezer are all close in expiration dates. Freezing baby food can help you save time and money while also allowing you to always know what is going into your baby.

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Some trees are easy to cut down without the need for climbing, while others require not only climbing, but careful planning and speculation of where limbs and branches will fall. Limbs that can be cut down from the ground can be chopped off with a handy pole-saw pruner which can be found by looking at the gasoline trimmer reviews for the best pick for your yard.

Climbing tree with a chainsawLarge trees that threaten power lines, structures and other property on the ground should be cut down starting at the top, meaning you will need to know how to climb a tree to cut branches out safely

Climbing Gear For Safety

Climbing a large tree means you will need the appropriate gear for doing so. Ropes are the best choice for some climbers, but many people also choose tree spikes as well for making it easier to climb. However, if you choose climbing spikes, make sure you only use them on tree you are cutting completely down. Avoid using climbing spikes on trees you are only pruning due to the damage spikes can cause to the bark and nutrient flow in the deeper layers underneath the bark. Choosing ropes can be the best option for pruning branches in higher parts of the tree.

Safe Ascension

Ascending a large tree with ropes can be quick and effective, but making sure you tie knots correctly in your rope for hooking items like micro-pulleys on them is extremely important to your safety. If you worry about how to tie the knots that will keep you in a tree safely while using a chainsaw or handsaw, you can learn more by talking to a professional arborist. Several instruction videos are available online as well that can help you learn how to tie ropes safely for climbing a large tree.

Other gear required for safely climbing a tree includes:

  • Saddles and harnesses
  • Fliplines and lanyards
  • Carabiners and clips

Taking Your Saws Up The Tree

Most professional tree cutters and climbers have a chainsaw hanging from a secured lanyard, the best way to have easy access to your saw while also having the option to be hands free for climbing or using smaller handsaws. Many smaller handsaws fit nicely into a holster that attaches to the outside of your leg, much like a hunting knife. Always remember to put on the safety on your chainsaw when you let it hang down in between uses for avoiding serious injury.

Considering Where Branches Will Fall

Planning ahead when cutting down a tree, especially a large one with a canopy is extremely important to avoid damaging property beneath it. If you are dealing with a small area, your best is to take out branches in small portions first. In this way, you have less worry about where they will land. Cutting smaller branches out can be time consuming and tedious, but well worth the effort, especially if you are cutting near power lines. Smaller branches are lighter and if they hit a line, they may not have enough weight to cause damage. However, always try to avoid branches hitting anything as they fall or when they land.

Safety Is Your Biggest Concern

Learning how to climb a tree to cut branches is important, especially if your property has trees that could fall and damage your home or neighboring structures. In many areas, utility companies provide tree cutting services for power lines, but when it comes to the big oak growing too close to your house, you are the one responsible for taking it down. Learn more about the safest methods for cutting down large trees before attempting to do so for making sure you do so without incident or injury.

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Many pregnant women have things that stress them out. From whether you have all the essential items such as a safe and up to date car seat, or having a handy bag to store baby items, many moms to be can get stressed quick. One such worry is the pain of having a baby, especially if they are pregnant with their first child. Many women have heard rumors their entire lives surrounding pregnancy and how to have a small baby at birth for helping to avoid the severe pain of natural childbirth. Some pregnant women want to have a small baby to avoid the need for caesarean section delivery. Learn more about the healthy reasons to maintain your weight and the weight of your unborn child.

Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean delivery (c-section) may be the best option for delivery for many reasons. The most important thing to keep in mind about this type of birth is most doctors do so to prevent harm to the unborn child and mother.  If the mother is experiencing medical issues, a c-section may be done to prevent problems like hemorrhaging during vaginal delivery. If an unborn baby is experiencing distress during a vaginal delivery, a c-section is generally done to prevent harm to the baby and, in some cases, the mother as well. One reason many mothers consider a smaller baby is due to a condition called cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD). CPD is when a baby’s head or body is too large to go through the mother’s pelvic area. CPD is one of the reasons you may require a c-section for the delivery of your baby.

Looking At Obesity Rates In Children

Some medical professionals feel that bigger babies, as in ten pounds or more, are more likely to experience higher rates of obesity during later childhood years. The greatest issue with larger babies during a vaginal birth is CPD and in some cases, when a baby is stuck in the birth canal during delivery, loss of oxygen can occur, causing brain functioning issues. Another reason many health care professionals worry about the incident of large newborns is the rate of these babies having organs that are too small or greatly enlarged. Larger babies have been found to have increased chances of developing Type II diabetes later in life as well as being more likely to become obese during childhood and into adulthood.

Why A Baby May Be Small

In some families, babies are born small due to genetic factoring. However, in many other cases, babies are born small due to being premature or because of medical problems experienced by the mother. For example, if you have problems with high blood pressure during pregnancy, your baby could be born underweight due to a low level blood supply through the placenta during pregnancy. Some babies are born small due to an inherited medical problem as well.

If you worry about your unborn child being too large, knowing how to have a small baby can be important to consider. However, your best bet during pregnancy is to eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and rest, and make sure to avoid bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. If you maintain a healthy weight, acceptable weight while pregnant, chances are your baby will be born a normal weight, one that is not too much or too little.

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Composting is an excellent way to create nutrient rich soil and fertilizer while also getting rid of waste from your home and yard as well. Learning more about how to compost while considering your particular home environment is important and is a huge determining factor in the types of compost bins best for your needs. Some of the best compost tumblers are sold online and can be bought at a good price with free shipping right to your door.

Starting Your First Compost Mix In An Affordable Fashion

For many beginners thinking about composting, choosing one most affordable is a good way to get started. The basic bin is a popular choice for beginners because of its simple design and easy to use assembly. A basic bin includes a simple look that does not stand out, most of them resembling a trash receptor. In this kind of bin, you generally get a locking, sealed door and a door on the bottom half for making it easier to empty finished compost. Basic bins are usually less expensive than some other bins that offer more features, costing around 100 dollars.

The Benefits Of Tumbler Bins

For those people that have a small area for composting or they do not have a great deal of plants or gardens to use their finished compost for, the tumbler bin is the perfect option. One of the best sellers on Amazon is the Joraform JK-125 composter, a rotating bin that provides a good price with excellent craftsmanship. Most tumbler bins fit nicely on an outdoor patio or porch and come with features like air vents to help keep down odors and easy dumping options. One great aspect of tumbler bins is being able to turn them for efficiently ‘stirring’ a mix while it is fermenting or ‘cooking’, a bonus for making sure your finished compost comes out crumbly and easy to work with. Tumbler bins also come with legs that help to make it look more like a patio grill than a compost bin.

Apartment Dwellers Can Compost

For many people living in apartments, the thought of being able to compost for getting rich fertilizer for their patio plants and gardens may seem impossible. However, with a kitchen counter top bin, this is a composting concept that is easy and affordable. In some apartment building, throwing out scraps in the trash is not allowed, so composting right in the kitchen is the best way to get of food scraps while also obeying the rules of your building as well. You can choose from plastic or stainless steel kitchen compost bins, most of them costing less than around 30 dollars.

Hot Automatic Composting Bins

If you do not mind spending a little more for your composting bin and you are low on spare time, you might consider an automatic compost bin. This type of bin is also great for people living in apartments or areas that make it hard to maintain an outdoor bin. Most automatic bins fit under a cabinet or counter and run on electricity. The greatest benefit of this bin is you can also put meat and fish scraps into it without worry, a benefit you do not get with any other types of bins. An automatic compost bin works by using high heat to speed up the fermenting process, providing you with the perfect finished mix in about two weeks. Some automatic bins are able to take up to five pounds of food scraps every day, a definite bonus for large families. This kind of bin costs usually between 350 and 400 dollars and is well worth the investment.

Worms And Compost Bins

The more experienced gardener might consider the bin that is also the home to worms that eat organic matter, their droppings (called castings) being even richer in nutrients than the matter they eat. Taking care of this type of bin can be more time consuming, but for someone that has the time, the effort is well worth it. Bear in mind the worms used for composting are not the earthworms you find in your yard, but are usually Sierra worms. You can order them from the place you purchase worm peat moss for your composting bin. Worm bins usually cost between 80 and 100 dollars, depending on the size you choose.

Making The Right Choices For Additional Composting Supplies

When looking at the various types of compost bins, you might also have a look at the supplies you will need to get a good start. For most bins, using a starter mix is best to get your mix ‘cooking’. This is an especially good idea for the person just starting their first ever round of compost mix. In most cases, both on and offline, you can find everything you need for starting your compost at the same place you purchase a compost bin.

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Winter can be harsh in some places, dumping several inches of snow every year. For the people living in the regions that have heavy snows every year, owning an ATV equipped with a snow plow is a good idea. Using an ATV for snow removal is a lot of fun and it is also the easiest and fastest way to clear a path through deep snow. When buying a 4 wheeler for removing snowfall, check out the best ATV snow plow reviews for a good guide on which blade to get for your all terrain vehicle. If you would rather use your tractor for removing snow, look at the lawn tractor snow plow attachments that offer fast install on most models.

Check out these tips for choosing the best ATV for snow removal.

Best ATV for removing SnowMaking The Right Choices

When it comes to getting traction in ice and snow, you need an all-terrain vehicle that is going to deliver results. Most 350cc and 360cc ATVs require extra weight on the back racks for being able to get traction. However, choosing an ATV that is pushing 500ccs of power is best for being able to get the most push and traction. This is not to mention a 500cc can be a lot more enjoyable as well. Deep snow that has fallen overnight means you are going to need enough engine power to provide the best results. You certainly do not want to get out in the freezing cold and fuss with going back and forth trying to plow snow with a smaller ATV.

Going With The Flow

No matter what kind of ATV you choose for plowing snow, it is important to remember that plowing as a storm occurs can be helpful. Doing so will allow you to avoid dealing with deep snow, making it easier on those riders with smaller vehicles. However, if this is not possible and you wake up to deep snow on the ground, taking your time is important to avoid injury and damage to your ATV and plow. If you are able to plow while the storm is going on, you can gain better results and probably have a lot of fun doing so.

Setting Up Surfaces For Easier Traction And Snow Removal

Snow plowing with an ATV is a lot easier when you have some packed snow to roll on, preferably a thin layer. This is especially true on dirt and gravel terrain. The ATV you choose will have the tires most useful for this type of terrain, but increasing traction always helps, especially in inclement conditions of snow and ice. The more traction you get, the easier it will be to push snow that has drifted into deep mounds. For this reason, examining the tires on your ATV before you start plowing is a good idea. The nobbies should be high and tread deep for getting the best traction in slippery conditions. Tire chains designed specifically for ATV use can be helpful as well or gaining better traction.

Manufacturers And Your Choices

If you are wondering which manufacturer puts out the best ATV for snowy terrain, you should know that most of them offer great machines for more than just snow. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki are some of the most popular manufacturers building high quality, tough all-terrain vehicles for use in snow, mud, sand and rocky terrain. The key to getting the most out of an ATV in snow is the tires and the weight you have on board.

Plow Options

When considering the best plow for your ATV, size is important to think about first and the various mounting options available to you. The plow best for your ATV will provide you with the best results. You can get some plows with winches attached, so consider all the needs you may have for your plow and ATV during the removal of deep snow. Blade sizes range from between 48” to 72”. The kind of plowing you have in mind is a great determining factor in your blade choices.

Taking Care To Use Caution And Patience

Taking care of your ATV and plow blade is extremely important for long term durability and usage, especially when you are plowing. Never run the blade into mounds of snow or anything else with a great deal of speed, thinking that ramming it in forcefully will help. Doing so only increases the chances of bending the blade, damaging your ATV or causing injury to yourself.  Taking your time to remove large mounds of snow is best for ensuring your vehicle withstands and provides the results you need over the long term. Large snow mounds can be taken down slowly from the top, making the bottom half a lot smaller and easier to deal with.

Inspections And Safe Guards

Before you get on your ATV to plow or to simply just to play in the snow, taking the time to inspect it is extremely important to avoid making needed repairs worse. Never assume nothing could be wrong because it was running fine when you parked, especially in cold weather temperatures. Look for problems likes damage to cables and loosened plow parts for ensuring a safe ride and the best plowing results. Doing so can help you avoid injury and more expensive repairs to the best ATV for snow removal.


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It is summer time, and that means it is time to inflate your children’s bounce house. Before your start to inflate the inflatable bouncer, you need to inspect it. Look for holes or any weak areas that need reinforcing. There are several ways you can repair a bounce house. You can send it to a repair shop, but that can be expensive and take weeks to repair.  If you are in the business of renting inflatables, you will lose money from sending it off, because you cannot rent it out. If you have bought a good bouncy castle for an upcoming party based on small inflatable bouncer ratings, you do not want to run the risk of it having or getting a hole. This will have your kids upset before the big birthday party!

I recommend trying the Do-it-yourself approach. It is simple and inexpensive. Here is how to repair a bounce house with little money.

How to repair a Moonwalk with The Peel and Stick Approach

You can buy a vinyl repair kit that is a simple and easy way to repair a bounce house. It only takes 3 simple steps to have your bounce house ready for inflation.

1. Clean the surface.

Clean the area where you are going to place the patch.

2. Cut the patch.

Cut it to the size of the tear or hole. You can use any pair of scissors to cut it. The patch is made from tough material that is made to resist tearing and punctures.

3. Apply the patch

The patch has aggressive adhesive that bonds it to the vinyl bounce house. The patch resists oils and do not turn gummy when it is in the sunlight. It is transparent so you do not have to match it to the color of the bounce house. It will also not pull off when the inflatable is stretched. If you have a waterslide, you can use the patch for that as well. It is waterproof.

The patches come in 5ftx6inch rolls. In the package, you will get 10 alcohol cleaning pads to complete step number one.  You can order this patch at Vinyl Repair.

How to repair a bounce house with everyday materials

If you have a bounce house with visible cross-weaving, you can repair your bounce house with items found around your home.  All you need is rubbing alcohol, a strong needle, and heavy thread. This method will have your bounce house ready in no time.

  1. The bounce house should be inflated so that the damaged area remains smooth. Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Let it dry before moving on to step 2.
  2. Now, use the heavy thread and strong needle.  You can sew the tear back together again. Do not use this method if the bounce house is smooth. It will cause more damage. This is only for inflatables with visible cross-weaving.

Either method will have your bounce house ready for use in minutes. If you do not have time to wait for a vinyl repair kit to come to be shipped your home, you can make one yourself by going to your local pool supply place and buy a wet/dry vinyl repair kit. However, most companies include a repair kit in the box when you buy a bounce house.